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    1. Laboratory


      Q Q:1144986731
      Address:601, NO.1 building, hesheng Industrial Zone, hebei industrial park,Longhua New District, Shenzhen

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      SPEEDRE optics laboratory was founded by the Shenzhen Speedre Technology Co.,LTD in 2012 .

      The creation of purpose: 

      1. To build ourself knowledge of brand, according to market demand, optical products and otherproducts, the company has been in a leading position in the industry; 

      2. For the sale of products (including the independent production of products andagents of foreign brand products) for technical support, truly seamless customer service pre-sales support, life-long maintenance.

      After nearly five years of development SPEEDRE optics laboratory has made significant achievements. in the optical instrument, we have successfully developed a series of transmittance meter, UV energy meter, UV radiometers, and gloss meter. the product performance is higher than the whole industry, and the product requirements are higher than the national standard. among other products have been developed into ball impact series, pencil hardness machine,in strict accordance with the relevant national standards. after several years of market reaction, our comany has been praised by users, so that the company has accumulated a large number of customer groups, including a number of listed companies for long-term project cooperation. in order to make the terminal sales of each machine will be precise, accurate and fast SPEEDRE optics laboratory check and issue the measurement certificate for each instrument factory.

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